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"Thanks for all your advice on the 'HHO Super Pack' Website. I wasn't quite able to get the 16 extra MPG that you achieved, but I did get an extra 6 MPG in my diesel which is mighty impressive, considering I'm not a mechanic. My truck was getting 7 MPG before HHO, now im getting 13 MPG total."

Robert Parker,
From Dave: Celebrating 33 Years In The Garage This Month!
RE: Results Of My 'Hydrogen Fuel Saver' Product Test
Hey, Dave here. If you're not one of my regular subscribers, let me quickly tell you a little about myself ...and then I'll tell you how I managed to gain 16 extra MPG in my '07 Nissan Xterra using a new product called the 'HHOSuperPack'.

Ok... I've been working as a general mechanic since 1983 and although I'm not a specialist in any field, I know quite a lot about how vehicles work. I may not be a scientist or physics professor, but I do know that     if you increase cylinder pressure or flame speed in an engine.... it will increase gas mileage. 

Since I began my mechanics career all those years ago, I have always wondered why other technologies seem to advance rapidly, while cars are still getting the same crappy MPG they did 40 years ago. I've seen hundreds of fuel saving devices hit the market, and 99% of them have been total scams. To make things worse, if one of them happens to work.... it suddenly disappears from the market, never to be seen again.

Back when gas prices hit $4.50 per gallon, I got angry and put a lot of time into researching "water for gas" info (also called HHO Technology) while desperatly looking for ways to save on fuel costs. But when gas prices suddenly dropped, I almost decided to put my research on the backburner.   

My wife Karen convinced me to go ahead with it by explaining that virtually no one is betting gas prices will stay low, so I continued with more research on these "Do-It-Yourself" water hybrid systems. HHO conversion plans basically show you how to build and install a small device into your vehicle called an HHO Generator. These systems use electricity to release hydrogen based gas from water called "HHO". The HHO gas is then directed into your vehicle's air intake system.

A few weeks ago I sent an email to my subscribers advising them on which system to use....and in the next few moments, I can hopefully advise you on the same!

Here's The Problem...

See, nowadays, trying to save money on gas is even more difficult and confusing than it used to be. There are so many products on the market to choose from and unless you have the time and money to test them out, you're basically going to go round in circles....and potentially lose a lot of money.

And this is the exact reason why last month, (after continually being asked to do so by subscribers!) I decided to test 14 of the most popular "Water Fuel" conversion guides to see which ones actually work!

What Happened...

The truth was, most were total rubbish and a few could even be described as 'scams'. In fact, out of the 14  that I tested, only two actually worked to improve my car's gas mileage. In fact, one device in particular worked SO well, I managed to make an extra $650 last week installing these kits from my garage.

Here's an overview of both... and make sure you read my conclusion at the end...


 Lets begin with a review of the new  'HHOSuperPack', which is designed and published by a gentleman named Brian Lucas. He has been in the HHO Business for over 10 years and his company, HydroFuel Technologies is truly an HHO Hybird company.

After initially checking out the site, it was immediately apparent that this product is for real. They aren't promising the unrealistic MPG gains like others are.

I had already read good things about HHOSuperPack in Popular Science magazine, and after I downloaded the package from the product delivery page, I kinda realised why....   

This package includes 12 different HHO Generator designs, 18 Step-by-Step instructional videos, HHO Enhancer plans and much more. With over 20 eBooks, it is by far the BEST set of HHO conversion plans on the market today.

I decided to install the 11 Plate Dry Cell in my '07 Nissan Xterra. It took me around 4 hours to build the device, and half an hour to install the system in my vehicle. I found everything needed to build it at my local hardware store. The parts were fairly cheap at around $75 total.  

The device built worked very well, increasing my gas mileage by almost 65% over the two weeks following the installation. Specifically, gas mileage improved from 21 MPG to 37 MPG.    At current gas prices I am now saving over $950 per year with my new HHO system. I can and will tell you is this: It works!

Another thing I wanted to mention was the overall increase in vehicle performance. I noticed significant improvements in torque, faster acceleration, better throttle response, smoother gear shifts and reduced hydrocarbon emissions.

HHOSuperPack also provides you TONS of extra bonuses, including plans to build other fuel saver devices, how to make ethanol and bio-diesel, homemade solar panels and wind turbines and IRS Tax Credit Forms which can be used to make the government pay for the cost of your HHO upgrade

This is not rocket science,
and these devices can be built by anybody.
The HHO Super Pack will teach you everything you MUST do in order to get maximum MPG improvement. It is the first and only product to offer multiple HHO Generator plans. All of their designs are up-to-date, tested and proven to work. They also offer a solid 60-day money back guarantee.  

Overall, 'HHO Super Pack' is a great product... the best out of the 14 HHO products I tested and I highly recommend it.

Click Here To Find Out A Little More

...and you can see my conclusions below...

When I first saw the Gas4Free website, I must admit I thought 'here we go..., yet another so- called Water for Fuel website promising unrealistic results' ...and usually I would've avoided this kinda' thing like the plague.

However, because the whole point of my research was to end all speculation and to find the best 'Hydrogen Hybrid' systems on the net, I just went ahead and downloaded it.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Gas4Free system was very compact and durable. Scientist Vic Lawson has come up with a great design that produces a fair amount of HHO gas using very little battery power. His instruction manual is highly detailed with lots of pictures and diagrams to follow.

This design was a little more difficult to build. A table saw was require to build this HHO generator and the parts were quite expensive at $155 total.  I'm not much of a carpenter so I had a hard time cutting the plexi-glass to fit properly, although if you have experience using a table saw it should be fairly easy.

I removed the previous system from my Nissan and installed the Gas4Free system in its place. As expected, the system caused my "check engine" light to come on, so I implemented a few extra techniques that I learned from the HHOSuperPack manuals to deal with this issue.

I managed to gain 7 extra MPG with this device, and once again I noticed improvements in torque, better acceleration, throttle response, smoother gear shifts and lower emissions, although the performance improvements were slightly less than they had been during the previous installation. Overall, it's a good design

However, the MPG gains did not live up to what is stated on the website (they claim that you can double, even triple your gas mileage) nor were they as effective and easy to implement as the techniques provided by the HHOSuperPack.

Gas4Free does work but I'd advise you to read my conclusion below before taking action.

Warning: Gas4Free has stopped offering customer support for their product. If you decide to purchase this product, be aware that YOU WILL NOT receive any support at all.

The Conclusion...?
Well, after some deliberation, my conclusion is this: If you want to start saving gas immediately then the HHO Super Pack is certainly the one to go for.

Don't get me wrong, the Gas4Free system DOES work... although you will have to spend a little extra time trying to build the device and implement everything. Even though I have oodles of experience working with vehicles, the real reason why I was able to get 16 extra MPG was because I used the extra techniques and information provided in the HHOSuperPack ebooks and instruction videos.

So that's it. If you could use an extra $75-$100 per month (who can't?), and you have a few hours to spare this weekend, then go ahead and give HHOSuperPack shot.

 Check out the HHOSuperPack - Click here.



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